Brod Hart – Season 02 / Ep 01

West Country hero,
Driving in an XJS,
Feels like coming home

What a start to season two of Inside the Heliosphere!

I consider myself very lucky to have a handful of friends with whom I can, quickly and reliably, fall into a deep and comforting conversation that makes the years and my forehead lines fall away like the service module from Apollo 9.

Brod is certainly in that group.

In fact, from our very earliest meeting, (around about 1985 we think), I have been aware that a singular conversational compatibility has been our good fortune. A hallmark of our interactions. Many a time we have talked late into the night; it has been a blessing for me and a con-sistent feature of our relationship from that time on.

In the days before mobile telephones, Skype and the internet a year might pass without us meeting up or even talking. It never mattered. We would always pick up immediately where we left off.

Today, with Skype, mobile telephones and the internet, a year might pass without us talking. We always pick up immediately where we left off. We have always been aware that this is an unusual and brilliant thing.

His wonderful parents, Sue and Dave, have always treated me with the same warmth and humour that produced such a grounded, smart, adored man. They even continued to welcome me into their Hereford home after I stole Dave’s hairdryer and broke his garage window with a basketball. Sorry again Dave.

This interview was conducted in Brod’s home in Finsbury Park, London. At one point you may hear the sound of me having to… compose myself. I had become unexpectedly and suddenly emotional in relating a conversation I witnessed between him and two of my daughters the day before. I didn’t feel embarrassed. In fact I felt happy as, yet again, this wonderful He-liosphere thing had gifted me an opportunity to tell a dear friend just how deeply I respect them; how important they are to me in my lucky life.

Hopefully Brod understands that. I hope you enjoy listening to our con-versation.


02 01


1) I wanna be adored, Stone Roses (00:20:41)

I Wanna Be Adored Stone Roses…….Very clear memory of this echoing through the house one night soon after moving in. Period of rediscovery.

2) Supernatural thing, Ben E King (00:49:48)

3) Air, La Femme D’Argent (01:17:27)

La femme d’argent Air.. after university move to london. Calmly looking into the unknown.

4) Has it come to this, The Streets (02:00:24)

Mate Rich gave me this album before it was released whilst I was in Salisbury. Urban Youth thought I was cool. I’d heard this track on the radio when I was in the gym. I obviously have no claim to be “london” or urban at all but, it is a part of the many flavours of the city that make it an interesting place to live. In that moment in the gym for me it was the carrot, to push and get back.

5) Welcome to Jamrock, Damian Marley (02:41:05)

Welcome to jamrock……

6) Weekender, Flowered Up (3:02:26)

Weekender Flowered up./.. drugs.

7) Be thankful for what you’ve got, Donovan Carless (03:30:46)

Be thankful, Donovan Carless or William DeVaughn..

a) gangster white walls
b) tv antennas in the back
c) no car at all
d) can still stand tall

Now finally, along with all Douglas Adams’ written works (Google if you’re not familiar with him), please tell me:

Your choice of film

Not a favourite but maybe Cloud Atlas sextant.. i’ve only seen it once but i suspect it would stand up to multiple viewings and i can remember the favourites.

Your luxury item (that may be neither alive nor an aid to escape)

Gaffer tape (I’m sure in Brod’s hands this could subvert the rules and become an escape tool)

The one piece of music or album you would choose of your seven if you could have only one

Any of them. (getting bored by now are you mate?)